free casual online mobile games play on-line on iPhone, Galaxy, HTC, BlackBerry without registration

Intergames Media is a publisher of free and safe online casual games, targeted for mobile devices.

Intergames Media believes that online gaming should be available, free and safe!

  • Available means that our games can be played for 24 hours, 7 days a week using Mobile or Desktop devices based on HTML5.

  • Free means that people do not have to pay for gaming - and are not pushed to do so in later stages of a game - but also do not need to register themselves to be able to play our games.

  • Safe means that our games are friendly and contain NO explicit, NONEpornographic, NONEsexual oriented and NONEviolent content. This results in a portfolio that can be played safely by kids and seniors in a relaxed environment.

Intergames Media strongly supports the global fight against childhood cancer by the Dutch KIKA organization (Stichting Kinder Kankervrij,

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